Worktop Wonder

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Don’t you hate it when your kitchen is a mess? Hate all the peelings, crumbs and bits all over your kitchen worktops and floor from preparing food? Then look no further as the JML Worktop Wonder is the perfect solution to free up valuable worktop space in a matter of seconds! With the JML Worktop Wonder, you can finally clear away peelings, crumbs and bits from your kitchen worktops without any falling on the floor. Just hook it onto your kitchen drawers or cupboards, then use the included scraper to clear the waste so the JML Worktop Wonder can catch it all and save countless trips to the bin. No mess, no fuss! You can also use the included scraper as a separator, so you can divide everyday waste from food you want to recycle into compost. The scraper can be neatly stored away under the hanging hook. It’s also a great place to store your large utensils that don’t fit in your cutlery tray. Just hook the JML Worktop Wonder on to the inside of your drawers and place your utensils inside. Dimensions: • 18cm (H) x 32.3cm (W) x 10.1cm (D) Package Contents: 1 x JML Worktop Wonder 1 x Clearing Scraper


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