VioLiv 250ml Jar

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Probably the most used for on-the-go snack vitalization, the 250ml jar shares a cap size with the 400ml jar. A very popular size, this jar has a wide mouth opening that makes it easy to see what’s inside. Vitamins, Energy Nuggets, granola mixes, nuts & seed snacks, cosmetic clays…this is a great multi-use jar. Also good for sauces & raw food mashes to be stored in the fridge. Have fun with these jars – even honey smells sweeter when its enzymes are protected in this eco-science glass! This unique biophotonic glassware is unparalleled in preservation of natural items. Made in Switzerland. This storage technology was rediscovered after wheat seeds found in the pyramids were dated at 3000 years old but retained their vitality. Scientists determined the vitality of any natural substance could be preserved and enhanced by storage in violet glassware. Only available to the public since 2007, VioLiv vitality glassware is revolutionizing food storage in all parts of the world. Available in a wide range of sizes.


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