Vestia Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Storage Container System (Set of 3) (Motor Included)

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Product Description

Vestia™ Automatic Vacuum Food Storage Container System is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality, eco-friendly storage containers that preserve the quality of food longer than traditional plastic containers and reduce unwanted and unnecessary waste. The removable, automatic Vestia-Vac™ offers an easy and effective way to store your food longer while keeping food fresher 5 times longer than traditional storage containers. The Vestia-Vac™ operates with a one touch lever to seal out air and moisture, and automatically keeps the container pressurized. The Vestia-Vac is removable and can be used to seal the full family of Vestia vacuum seal food storage containers. Vestia Chef™ containers are made of clear and hard polystyrene, ensuring a high-quality, scratch-proof finish. Great for pasta storage, dry food storage, cereal storage and so much more!


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