Tupperware One Touch Reminder Canisters, Set of 4, Black

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Color:Black Product Description Newly designed seal for easier use. Ideal for storing staples on the countertop, the four canisters in this set have clear windows near their bottoms that serve as reminders when the canisters’ contents run low. Otherwise, the canisters are opaque to protect food from direct light. Tupperware’s legendary seals–virtually airtight and moisture-proof–ensure food remains fresh and flavorful. The seals open and close with one hand and one touch: pressing the center with fingers or thumb is all it takes to snap them tight. Made of rigid, rugged, glossy plastic, the canisters graduate in size, from 5 cups (5-1/8-inch diameter, 6 inches high), to 8 cups (6-inch diameter, 6-7/8 inches high), to 12 cups (6-3/4-inch diameter, 7-1/4 inches high), to 17 cups (7-1/2-inch diameter, 8-3/8 inches high). They stack for compact storage and nest when empty. Virtually unbreakable and dishwasher-safe, Tupperware carries a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking, and peeling. This set’s seals are Black. Others have Bold ‘N Blue or Hunter Green seals, offering color-coordination choices for a kitchen and a color-coding system for storage and complementing Tupperware’s Modular Mates and Cereal Storer seals. –Fred Brack


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