Tupperware 13-Cup Cereal Storer, Black

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Product Description

Color:Black A nifty alternative to messy cereal boxes, this rugged plastic container stores 13 cups of cereal while preventing it from going stale and ensuring spill-free pouring. Tupperware’s legendary seal–virtually airtight and moisture-proof–keeps cereal fresh and flavorful. A hinged spout pours breakfast into a bowl and not onto the counter, and the cereal cabinet or drawer stays tidy. Coming in Tupperware’s classic Sheer Ice color, the container has a clear strip running down one end for identifying contents and monitoring the cereal level. Though the container is ideal for cereal, you can use it to store any food in a cabinet or refrigerator. It measures 4-1/2 inches wide, 8-3/4 inches high, and 8-7/8 inches deep. The container’s black seal mixes and matches with other Tupperware containers, offering color-coordination choices for a kitchen and a color-coding system for storage. Virtually unbreakable and dishwasher-safe, Tupperware products carry a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking, and peeling. –Fred Brack


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