Trendykitchen Silicone Premium Baking Cups 12 Pack Reusable Silicone Cupcake Liners with Container

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FORGET ABOUT THOSE PAPER LINERS The uses of for these silicone baking cups are endless! Pack of twelve, premium quality silicone cupcake liners come in four fun colors. (Green, Orange, Pink, Purple) Environmentally friendly; made from FDA-approved, BPA free, 100% food grade silicone. Re-usable, non-stick and stain resistant. Safe for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher and heat resistant at temperatures of up to 260°C/500°F. Each cupcake liner measures 2 5/8 inch diameter x 1 ? inch tall and holds up to 2 ? fluid ounces. SO MANY CREATIVE WAYS TO USE Add a splash of color to your baking with these handy, silicone cupcake liners. Our premium quality, cupcake liners are made from 100% food grade silicone and are FDA approved and BPA free. Conveniently packaged in a durable, plastic storage container, the cupcake liners are also stackable so are easy to store. No need for muffin tins and paper liners; just place the silicone cupcake liners directly onto a cookie tray for great results. There are so many creative ways to use these baking cups you can use them for bento lunchbox containers, pot holders, melt butter, gelatin molds and freezies. You can even separate eggs and so much more! DIRECTIONSPlace cups on baking sheet or in a muffin pan. Fill and bake according to recipe. Allow to cool before removal. May use cooking spray lightly before filling if desired. Securely place in dishwasher or hand wash to clean. Stack and store in their container for reuse. Lifetime GuaranteeWe personally guarantee our products are made to the highest standards that these silicone baking cups are backed by a Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee!


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