Top Tier Cake Preservation System

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Contains: • Large Mylarfoil Storage Pouch (20′ x 30′)• Oxygen Absorbing Packet• Instructions and envelopeCake vs. OxygenMost couples still practice the tradition of saving the top tier of their wedding cake for their first anniversary…This tradition began over 150 years ago, as fond memories are shared over some pretty bad cake that tastes as old as it is. Even wrapped up in the freezer, the cake will still oxidize, and that is what causes that unpleasant bland taste we all know.How To Properly Preserve CakeHow do leading food manufacturers keep products fresh for long periods of time? By removing the oxygen from the package, preventing oxidation while also protecting food from mold, bugs and other oxygen-dependent organisms.Top Tier uses the same science of long-term food preservation to eliminate oxygen and truly preserve the cake in the freezer over the year. Top Tier is FDA approved, takes up no more space in your freezer, and by eliminating the oxygen that causes spoilage, it will truly preserve the flavor from the wedding day.How does it work?Mylarfoil Storage BagEven a dozen layers of plastic wrap will not protect your cake from oxygen. Oxygen molecules go right through. The only complete barriers to oxygen are metal and glass. The metalized Mylar oxygen-barrier pouch is designed to provide years of protection from oxygen and is highly resistant to punctures.Oxygen Absorbing PacketA special extra-large version, this packet contains a non-toxic formulation that reacts with available oxygen, chemically trapping it.The Mylar bag is heat-sealable, creating a hermetically sealed storage environment. This is easy to do with one pass of an ordinary household iron or hair-straightening iron.Anniversaries do not have to be spoiled by spoiled cake!


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