Stephen Joseph Nested Snack Containers, Dino

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Product Description

What’s better than one snack?… Two snacks of course! With Stephen Joseph Nested Snack Containers you can make sure to always have a snack at the ready for your kids. Their snap close lids ensure the containers contents are secure and that snacks won’t end up spilled out in lunchboxes or the bottom of your bag or purse. Great to pack fruits and veggies with your picky eater’s favorite dip or side in lunchboxes or even a quick on-the-go snack storage. After you little one has gobbled down everything, save space by dropping the smaller container in the larger, snap and your done. well until time to wash. Which by the way is a ‘snap’ since they are dishwasher safe. Pro-tip: fill the larger container with water and place the smaller container inside, freeze or chill and put items that need to stay cold in the small container.


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