Spiceberry Home Borosilicate Glass Storage Bottles 7-oz (200ml), Pack of 6 Jars

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Product Description

Set of 4 elegantly designed home and kitchen storage bottles, capped off with a perfectly finished bamboo stopper. This lid is fitted with a silicone seal to make the jars airtight, making them perfect for preserving coffee, rice and other foods, as well as all types of herbs and spices. These bottles are made of lightweight, strong, heat resistant borosilicate glass, just like that found in French press coffee makers. This costly glass allows the bottle to be made thin while retaining the strength and durability of thick, normal glass. The modern design looks great on the shelf. The glass (although not the stopper) is highly heat-resistant but these not intended for stovetop use. Dimensions: 2-3/8-inches (tall) x 3-inches (diameter), or 78x60mm. Capacity is 7 liquid ounces or about 200 ml, with the cap in place.


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