Slim Plastic Storage Trays Baskets in White- Set of 3

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Package Quantity:3  |  Size:Slim Storage Trays 3 Pc Set. Useful in many places around the home, such as kitchen, home office or garage. Great organizer for small tools in the work shop. Excellent for hobby and Crafts parts storage. These fit well inside the drawers of Sterilite’s 12′ x 12′ plastic 3-drawer craft storage unit (available separately). Each plastic tray measures approximately 10′ long by 3′ wide by 2 1/2′ deep. Model railroaders can use these to protect valuable HO or S scale train cars while stored away in a drawer. These trays are particularly well-suited for gondolas and flat cars. They can also be used with box cars, but the box car would best be laid on its side, if using with the above-mentioned Sterilite drawers. Because these plastic trays are vented, the side ribs can be easily cut with scissors at appropriate locations to provide a little extra clearance for wheels and couplers, if needed (primarily with box cars set on side). It is not even necessary for every car in the drawer to use one of these. You can economize a bit by placing a car in-between a pair of these, since the plastic sides of the two trays will prevent the car in-between from coming into contact with the other cars. Of course, these are also very handy for storing many other things as well, such as tools and small parts.


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