Sistema Salad To Go BPA Free Salad Container, Purple, 1-Pack

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Size:1-Pack  |  Color:Purple With a fast food drive-thru around every corner, it is easy to succumb to the temptation of a burger and fries when you’re trying to keep up with your diet. The easiest way to prevent yourself from making unhealthy lunch choices is to bring your own lunch along for the day. However, the right storage containers make lunch preparation a little easier. This Salad-To-Go container has everything you need within the container, including a knife and a fork to eat your food. With separate compartments for each vegetable, you can make sure you get the right balance of vegetables in your meal. With clips on each side, your food stays securely inside, without the risk of spillage. Choose from one of the four bright colors, coordinating with the rest of your lunch dishes or enjoying a view of your favorite color.


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