Sistema 400 ML Snack To Go, Blue, 2-Pack

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Product Description

Size:2-Pack  |  Color:Blue There?s nothing like a crushed sandwich, a leaky container of fruit, or a mushy salad. Also, you?re on a budget so you want to save money and not have to buy plastic bags. This 2-compartment, stackable container allows you to organize your food without worrying about how fresh it?s going to taste or if your sandwich is smashed flat. Sistema Klips unique design keep the containers locked securely in place until you lift them when you?re ready to eat. These containers are easy to heat in the microwave, are dishwasher safe, and the plastic won?t crack in the freezer. Best of all the plastic is Phthalate and BPA free so it?s safe for you and your family. Buy several of these for you and your family?s busy on-the-go schedule.


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