Rubbermaid 7J93 Produce Saver Square Food Storage Containers Set of 8

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Product Description

Size:8-Piece Set Rubbermaid Produce Saver Food Storage Container, 8-Piece Set. The Fresh Vent allows produce to breathe while the Crisp Tray separates produce from moisture helping it to stay fresh and crisp longer. Features the easy-find lids organization system. Lids snap to the bottom of the container and to each other. Bases and lids neatly nest inside each other for compact organization in your cabinets. Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp up to 33 percent longer. Oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Lids and Bases are BPA-free. Made in the USA. For nearly 80 years, Rubbermaid has represented innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. Recognized as a “Brand of the Century” for its impact on the American way of life. Includes: 14 Cup (1), 5 Cup (1), 2 Cup (2), and 4 Easy Find Lids


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