Rosendahl Opus Storage Jar, 0,75 L

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Product Description

Ideal airtight storage jar designed by Ole Palsby for Rosendahl in Denmark. Pasta, sugar, flour, spices – these storage jars are a natural place for all the things we all keep in our kitchens for use in day-to-day food preparation. Rosendahl’s Opus Storage Jars are designed for use in the kitchen or as tableware; they are equally suitable for storage or serving. Ole Palsby’s characteristic glass stoppers with their arched handles provide an airtight seal, locking in the tastes and flavors. The Opus series, by Ole Palsby, has a beautifully organic shape that makes it stand out in any kitchen or on any table. These elegantly modern glass containers are perfect for storing dried rice, cereal, pasta, nuts, coffee, you name it! The silicon wrapped glass stopper helps keep a proper seal so the contents remain fresh. The storage jars are dishwasher-safe. The storage jars are available in several sizes.


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