Prep Naturals 30 Round Meal Prep Containers with Leakproof Lids and Plastic Cutlery Sets

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The perfect tasteYour lunches and salads will remain fresh and tasty – thanks to our highly durable and completely BPA-free food-grade plastic containers. Premium look & designTasteful shapes as well as clear lids and cutlery provide your favorite salads with the perfect visual presentation. Lasts foreverOur Meal Prep containers are made from heavy duty plastic and can hold up to 35% more weight than comparableproducts. The cutlery is made from the same robust material. All items can be put into your freezer, microwave or dishwasher without any risk of damage. For all occasionsThe lids of our containers seal your food in tightly but can be opened easily: By pulling the corner flap, you unlockthe container without spilling any of its contents. This makes our containers the perfect solution for meals on the go– at school, at home or at the office. An easy choiceOur product offers you the best value for your money. It is the biggest combined setof containers and cutlery available on the market. Prep Naturals specializes in the research and development of food storage solutions, using special molding techniques that make all containers effective yet simple to use. A 30 pack set includes:• 30 Meal Prep containers• 30 tight, yet easy to open clear lids• 30 sets of cutlery with fork, knife and spoon eachOther great Prep Naturals products Meal prep bag with bonus 10 trays and 10 cutlery packs3 compartment meal prep containers 20 pack with 20 bonus cutlety packs Meal prep containers with 1 or 2 compartements 24 pack.


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