Norpro Glass Honey and Syrup Dispenser

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Package Quantity:1  |  Size:5.75in/14.5cm Product Description Norpro’s Honey Syrup Dispenser is easy to use. You simply push down on the thumb lever to dispense. Fill glass base with warm water to keep your syrup or honey soft and warm if desired. 1 cup capacity. A sophisticated alternative to those pudgy plastic honey bears, this honey dispenser releases a thin drizzle of honey into your tea or steamed milk or on top of toast, hot cereal, pancakes or cornbread. The dispenser is made of glass, not plastic, with an attractive honeycomb relief. When you press the spring trigger, which is attached to the lid, honey flows from the glass nipple at the bottom of the dispenser. Release the trigger and an inner stopper mechanism closes to prevent drips. Keep the inside of the stand honey-free, and avoid overfilling the container. To prevent honey from forming a crust at the bottom, limiting the flow, rinse the glass nipple after use. To liquefy congealed honey, run warm water over the glass. This simple item will quickly become indispensable at your breakfast table. –Carol Gnojewski


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