Mypharmjar Miron Glass Curing Jar 1 Liter w/digital humidity/temp sensor (embedded in lid)

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Mypharmjar Miron curing jar with patent pending humidity and temperature sensor embedded into lid. *1000 ml capacity (33.8 fl oz) *Height 8′ *Diameter of Jar 3.75’/ *Diameter of Opening 3′ *Holds about 2 ounce of dry herb . SMELL-PROOF and AIRTIGHT- Heavy durable Miron German Science glass blocks air exchange and locks in aroma by only allowing 3 frequencies of light to penetrate. LABORATORY TESTED SCIENCE GLASS PROTECTS AGAINST ALL HARMFUL LIGHTS, ONLY ALLOWS FAR INFRARED, UV-A, AND VIOLET TRANSMISSIONS OF LIGHT. Storage Containers for storing your nuts, seeds, herbs, coffee, teas, super foods, dried foods, granola, algae, and protein powders, baking flours. It prevents harmful visible light rays from penetrating and degrading your stored products, while at the same time allowing beneficial Violet, UV and infrared wavelengths of light that can kill molds, algae, and bacteria . PREMIUM QUALITY STORAGE CONTAINERS- Extend the freshness of your stored products for years. Modern screw on lid made of heavy duty BPA-Free plastic with energy reflecting violet insert. Contemporary Design. Perfect On the Go Size for Backpacks, Bags and Travel. **Jar is intended for dry storage only, if you want to store liquids please purchase 1000 ml Jar without sensor**


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