Meal Prep Containers – 28oz 10pk

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Size:28oz  |  Color:10 Count Black Why meal prep? Time is one reason. What’s the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, and often the first thing you have to do? COOK! No one likes to rush home from work only to have to work more by preparing a healthy meal for their family. This leads to less healthy meals, less time with family, stress and more fast food meals The solution…prepare your weekly meals ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze them in meal prep containers until you’re ready to eat them. It actually works, having your very own stash of the healthiest TV dinners available. Within minutes of getting home you’ll be eating a healthy, homemade meal. Multitude of benefits! You will find that you are saving $, staying on track with a nutritious diet, less stress & more organized. You’ll save $ by avoiding drive thru’s & restaurants. Your family will stay on track & stick to a healthier diet. Since you’re now fueling your body with clean food, weight loss will come easier. Less time cooking = more free time = less stress. What does the container matter? The proper container can make or break your meal prep. The best containers match qualities present in our design. When you buy a container that has been made in North America, you’re getting a guarantee that the product is compliant w/a higher caliber of safety requirements than those that were made in Eastern countries. Make sure that the container you choose are stackable for easy storage. Invest in reusable & not just disposable containers. Meal prep containers should be made from virgin polypropylene. Everyone loves recycling, but when it comes to the container that is going to hold food items, make sure it’s not made from a recycled plastic that often come from unhygienic recycling sites. Meal prep containers MATTER! The materials used, manufacturing sites & where it’s made, all determine quality that directly affects your health and safety. Buy quality, sustainability, and Eco-friendly when you buy Isolator Fitness.


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