LUD Women’s Reusable Silicone Face Moisturizing Mask Cover

Product Description

Material: silicone Color:white Size Approx: 8.66*11.81in(L*W) Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inches Package included: 1Pcs Features: Wrapping effect ?C worn over a sheet mask, it prevents the mask!?s serum from evaporating under air conditioning. With ear loops to prevent the sheet mask from slipping off when you move. Used in the bath without a sheet mask, it works as a face-steaming mask. Made of silicone material that does not have the unpleasant odor peculiar to rubber. Can be washed and reused. When using over a sheet mask Put a commercial sheet mask on your face. Then, place this silicone mask over the sheet mask, lining up the eye-holes first and then the hole for the mouth. Pull the ear loops over the ears. Leave both masks on for as long as instructed for the commercial sheet mask.


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