Loud DankTank – 20 Gram Smell Proof Container and Airtight Stash Jar

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Product Description

The DankTank is the premium smell proof container. It is made with an airtight design that locks in odors and keeps out water, harmful UV rays, and more. With its double layered design, it is a container within a container. The first lid to this smell proof container is a screw top allowing you to tightly seal the outer layer. The second lid is a pull up tab just to ensure no smell leaks through. This lid isn’t necessary, but may be worth keeping on if you have very strong smelling herbs or tobacco. Many smell proof containers begin leaking smell after a few uses. The DankTank was built to last and will continue to provide you with a smell proof lock. Many competing airtight stash containers are made out of glass. One small accident and their container will be shattered across the floor. We decided to make our container out of high grade plastic to ensure they not only keep the smells in, but are durable enough to survive the accidents that are bound to happen. Each one of our smell proof containers are quality inspected and crafted with care ensuring your satisfaction. If you have any issues with your order please reach out to us and we will promptly resolve the issue. We hope you enjoy your new smell proof container!


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