Kuchenprofi Acrylic Cooking Twine Dispenser

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Product Description

Founded in Solingen Germany by Artur Schmitz in 1923, the story of Kuchenprofi is one of diligence, innovation and refinement. Early on, Kuchenprofi realized the need for affordable functional tools that make the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable. The name of Kuchenprofi reflects strength, quality and functionality demanded by chefs around the world. Kuchenprofi made for professionals, now available to anyone passionate about cooking. Kuchenprofi’s durable, see-thru Acrylic Twine Dispenser keeps twine clean and close-at-hand on the kitchen counter. Indispensable when trussing a turkey or rolling a roast. Built-in blade snips twine with a simple tug. Includes a 130-foot ball of twine. Replacement twine also available.


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