Komax LOOK rectangular sealable glass food storage container 340 ml (11.5 fl.oz.)

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Product Description

LOOK is the new, eco-friendly and stylish look from Komax. These elegant containers are made of premium quality glass by Ishizuki of Japan, known for its high transparency, tempered strength and heat resistance. LOOK has an integrally winged rim which gives it a table-ready serving dish appearance. Its winged glass rim also lends to convenience of grip while serving and ease in unlocking and removing the brown tinted and clear, BPA Free, plastic lid. Additional glass design features include rounded interior corners, edge and tapered wall design for easy removal of contents and cleaning. Its plastic lid has an interior flange to ensure proper lid positioning and its anti-bacterial, silicone seal ring is recessed into the lid to form an air tight seal when snap/locked shut. These new LOOK containers are microwave, fridge and dishwasher safe. LOOK is perhaps the ultimate air-tight food storage container available on the market today.


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