Komax Biokips Food Storage Containers Set Airtight (7) Including Lunch Box

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Product Description

The smooth and simple designs make product storage in freezers and cupboards brilliant for space saving, with a simple shape with no protrusions making cleaning and drying easier. The containers key features of being air and water tight prevents any loss of vitamins and nutrition keeping food fresh and free from the environmental hormone Dioxine. You can store a whole range of food produce without loss of freshness or worry about leakage. Komax is an internationally famous brand widely renowned for the remarkable quality of their products. As one of the leading brands for plastic food containers and widely regarded as the best on the market for functionality and feature and won the Red Dot Design Award for its unique design. Komax are at the forefront of innovation and customer safety products do not contain BPA, a potentially harmful chemical found in many other plastic food storage containers and consequently Komax has endeavored to meet the acceptable guidelines of the US FDA for health and safety.


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