KnGLuv Stainless Steel Food Storage Container – Food Saver with 3 Stackable Round Bowls And Lid With Carry Handle In Lime Green

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Living Life With Your Food Saver – Storage Container – Organizer -Gift Idea GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR ANY OCCASION Not Just For Food And Snacks – Load Up The Containers With Your Favorite Treats, Chocolates, Sweets,Jewelry, Make- up, Nail Polish, Baked Goods Your search has finally come to an end,when you order the KnGLuv Food Storage Container, here is what you should do: The moment your Amazon box arrives at your door, take out your stackable stainless steel containers, it will come packaged in a laminated color box, take out your lime green round bowls, interlocked with specially designed locking clips, airtight lid and carry handle. Pop the lid, and you will notice a silicone ring, making the bowls air tight, which will lock in the freshness of any food stored in it, on the lid you will notice an air vent, this vent when lifted helps to open the lid if having difficulty, by equalizing the pressure Your bowls, although not thermal will keep hot food warm, and although they can’t be used in a microwave on on a stove top, are fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe, allowing you to store left over meals with ease. The lid fits onto each of the bowls, so whether you only need to use one container or all three, you will have an air tight food saver Make awesome desserts, Use as a lunch box to pack some healthy lunches. Have a Picnic and, serve your snacks straight in the serving bowls. Perfect for road trips and camping You get a better than money back guarantee, try our food storage container for 90 days, and if during that time you find that your bowls are not, light weight, safe, convenient, and durable, or you do not feel it was worth every penny of your investment, for whatever reason, we will give your full payment back no questions asked Order 2 – One For You And One As A Gift – And Claim Your Discount View The Promotions Sect.


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