Kitchen Silicone Fridge Mat for Keeping Vegetables & Fruits Fresh(Blue)

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Product Description

Color:Blue We made a research on surface temperature of Silicone & PU foam in refridgerator. Finally we found that the PU surface temperature is quite higher than Silicone, even higher than the fridge temperature. In fact, the PU foam is a good thermal insulation material. Both of them can make the air to circulate, but the Siliocone one is better in keeping fruit and veggies fresh longer. 1. You only need to wash the mat in clean water, and then dry it under the sun. Or maybe you can boil the mat at 212? for 3-5 minutes to kill bacteria after using a few times. 2. We will offer a 2 years warranty without man-made destruction. 3. Our package bag also can be used to pack your clothes.


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