Kinwell Bamboo Fiber Large Bread Boxes for Kitchen Counter Storage with Cutting Board Lid (Cream White)

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Color:Cream White Brand: Kinwell Material: Natural Bamboo Fiber Size: 14.8′ x 8.7′ x 5.7′ Color: this item has three colors and shown as picture Weight: 3.5 lb Why choose our Bread Box? 1. Our Bamboo Fiber Bread Boxes are made from 100% renewable and eco friendly Bamboo Fiber which has a natural grain. They can add a touch of nature and color to your life. What’s more they are absolutely food safe, FDA and SGS certified. 2. We have gone through Food Safety Authority inspection certification see picture above. 3. Bamboo Fibers qualities- hard wearing, heat resistance(moderate), anti-microbial. 4. Dishwasher safe. Heat resistance:-20 ° C ~ 90 ° C (can’t be used in the microwave/conventional oven). Package: 1* Bread Box with Cutting Board What is Bamboo Fiber? There are 1200 species of bamboo, all members of the grass family and the fastest growing renewable resource on the planet (bamboo grows up to 2 inches per day). No pesticides are used during the cultivation of bamboo; bamboo is naturally pest and pathogen resistant. It is because bamboo contains a unique, natural antibacterial bio-agent: bamboo-kun. In 1879 Thomas Edison used bamboo as one of the first electric light.


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