Kefir Fermenter: Cage with Kefir Grains (20 G)

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Product Description

KEFIR GRAINS HOUSE (KGH-2). KGH-2 consists of plastic box with around 20 g of high quality Kefir Grains. Plastic box has numerous holes for free access of milk to Kefir Grains. This invention (patent pending)reduct needs of STRAINER, SPATULA, DISH WASHING AND OTHER MANIPULATIONS. Just put KGH-1 in jar or glass, fill jar with milk and drink after solidifying. Never make Kefir without of lid or cover, which must have ability to pass through air. Use Kefir Fermenter with jar and straw if you are beginner! See Instruction for details. Incubation at lower than 70F temperature need prolonged incubation.


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