K Cup Holder,Oak Leaf Coffee Storage Spinning Carousel Organizer for Keurig K-Cups – 35 Pod, Electroplated

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Product Description

Oak Leaf K Cup Holder Bring great-tasting variety to your countertop with the Spinning Carousel Organizer. Whether you’re brewing your favorite single cup beverage or carafe, you can keep all your packs organized and on-hand, ready to brew.-Oak Leaf Coffee Carousel holds up to 35 cups that you can store sleekly on your counter for easy, at-a-glance organization.-The K-Cup holder display rack is the perfect unit for busy homes or offices. Stop hiding the coffee pods in cabinets and drawers, on the contrary, display them in style with this simple but fun pod holder.35 K CUP CAPACITY The carousel holds any combination of single serve k-cups, mug pods or carafe pods.  Six rows to help organize your favorite flavors  Light enough to leave in your cupboard and take out to entertain as often as needed. Open view allows you to choose your favorite serving and can be decoration in your house. FASHION DESIGN-FOR HOME OR OFFICE Chrome finish, clean and modern design is perfect for home or the office. Perfect for entertaining.  The sleek sliver design looks great on any kitchen counter top.  Make your countertop well organized and neat. No K cup scattering on the table anymore.360 DEGREE ROTATIONThe spinning base rotates 360-degree, spinning around for each access to every side of your K cup holder and making it extremely easy to find and select your favorite K-Cup flavor.MAXIMUM UTILIZATION VERTICAL SPACEThe compact and vertical design of the holder makes the best of the vertical space of your countertop and help you well store the K cups. No coffee pods scattering on the cupboard from now on.Product dimension: 178*178*310mmPROTECT YOUR COUNTERTOPBottom rubber grippers keep dispenser in place and well protect your countertop from wear or tear.


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