Joie Herb Fresh Keeper Pod with Terracotta Lid, Brown

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Product Description

The Herb Fresh Pos will keep fresh herbs fresh longer. Just add 2 to 3 inches of water in the base, enough to submerge herb stems without immersing the leaves. The terracotta lid absorbs excess moisture for prolonged preservation. Store in fridge and change water once a week to maintain freshness. With over 60 years in business MSC is committed to developing innovative houseware designs of the highest value and quality under the brand ‘Joie’. We devote a great deal of attention to making sure the customer has the best impression of their experience and total satisfaction with the items purchased. At MSC, when we design, function is always our main focus. The item needs to feel great in the consumer’s hands and must complete the task at hand with ease and reliability. At MSC we live by ‘If it’s not a Joy to use, it’s not a product of Joie’.


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