Joie Clearly Fresh Airtight Onion Keeper Storage Container Pod

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Color:Onion Clearly Fresh Onion Pod stores leftover onions and keeps them firmer and preserves their freshness longer. The onion shape allows contents to be identified quickly in a crowded refrigerator. It contains onion juices and prevents their strong odor from escaping into the fridge and permeating other foods. The clear lid allows contents, and freshness, to be seen easily. Reusable and economical, it helps to reduce food waste and saves money by eliminating use of food storage bags, cling wrap or aluminum foil. Perfect for sustainable living and a zero waste home. Simply place onion, cut side down, onto the base of the Onion Pod. Place the lid over the onion, twist it clockwise to close and stow it in the fridge. To open, twist lid counterclockwise. It fits most onions easily, like red onion, vidalia onion, sweet onion, and more. Great for fresh garlic, too. This airtight container is compact to save precious space in refrigerator drawers or on shelves. It stows easily in the kitchen gadget drawer when not in use. Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved plastic. Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


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