Infinity Jars 15 Ml (.5 fl oz) Pocket Size Black Ultraviolet Glass Screwtop Jar 2-Pack

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We think we are selling the World’s Best Jars (Amazon customers agree), and you happen to be looking at one of our best sellers. What makes Infinity Jars so great? Starting with what you see, our aesthetically-stunning high-quality, heavy-duty black glass exterior shimmers ultraviolet when held up to light and is topped by a BPA free plastic screw top lid. The biggest factor for the popularity of our 15 ml glass jar is performance and versatility. Leakproof? Check, takes just a quick twist of the wrist. Smell proof? Check, confirmed by a myriad of commentors, it will preserve aroma. Light proof? Yes, this is what really sets us apart. All Infinity Jars glass is designed in a lab (after years of rigorous research) with the specific intent to prevent light from degrading whatever is inside. Our ultraviolet glass not only looks sleek and sexy, it protects organic matter better than anything else on the market by refracting all visible light rays while permitting beneficial non-visible UVA (black light) and infrared light to pass. That’s a sciency way of saying the glass is optimized to utilize the power of light for good. This particular style provides the ultimate storage for 15 ml of anything: dried goods, powder, dried herbs, lotions, cosmetics, spices/seasonings, and almost anything else for a kitchen or bathroom. If you’re a DIY-type or know one, this is the ultimate storage weapon, protecting precious contents more efficiently and preventing degradation for longer. It’s gorgeous, modern, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! ‘The Infinity Jars 30-day-guarantee!’ We’ve decided to put the risk on us! If you don’t see the preservation you expected, or the jar just didn’t work for you within 30 days of using our jars, simply send us an email and we’ll refund your order (minus shipping). No questions asked! Listing includes 2 jars and 4 Infinity Jars’ self-labels, an informational flyer, and Infinity Jars contest information!


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