HydroMate Herb Manager Stash Jar

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Size:9 Ounce Jar  |  Color:Label – Hydromate Each order includes one (1) jar, one (1) label, one (1) lid, gasket and Boveda humidification pack, one (1) herb scoop. Our flagship label depicts our perception of looking at the world from inside our jars where the conditions are perfect. Take it anywhere with you and enjoy the best experience your stash can provide and a whole lot more. Stay tuned for many other labels that will be available soon, they are interchangeable. Our 9 ounce jars hold 14 grams of un-ground herbs and 28 grams of ground herbs. Patented HydroMate Jars are the most advanced herb management system that actually improves the quality of your herb using scientifically base research and testing. Using proper humidity control, limiting light and hermetically sealed containers, HydroMate Jars create the perfect conditions for stopping mold growth and the deterioration of your herbs. Like a fine cigar, HydroMate Jars create indefinite storage and allows you to age your stash, greatly improving the taste, burn, harshness and prevents the loss of the effects. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a full 30 days so you can try a HydroMate risk free. The Hydromate lid has 2-way humidification that needs replacement when the inside of the lid becomes hard. The lids will last for a longer or shorter time period based on the following factors: How often is the lid kept off the jar, How dry are the herbs that are placed in the jar and How high the ambient temperatures are that surrounds the jar Under the proper conditions the lid can last about 5 weeks and up to 3 months Hydromate can also keep your cooking herbs fresh! ***Please be advised that if the lid is left off the jar, the 2-way humidification may expire with-in as little as 48 hrs. *** Hydromate Products PATENT PENDING with (USPTO) The United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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