Herb Guard UV Airtight Container & Smell Proof Jar (100ml) Airtight Stash Jar Keeps Herbs Fresh for Months

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Enjoy a Premium Storage Experience At Herb Guard our goal isn’t to provide you with just an average jar. We want to give our customers and experience and present a timeless jar designed for premium protection. Each jar comes with a certified Herb Guard cloth to remove any smudges, marks and dirt that accumulates on the glass surface. Travel with Your Herbs in Style We understand you may not want to bring your jar with you when traveling or leaving your home. That’s why each jar comes with a stylish, smell proof travel bag to store your herbs and keep them fresh when you’re on the move. Did we mention the bag is reusable for all of your travel adventures? Discreet, Stylish Design Each jar set comes delivered in a high quality, trendy looking gift box. Whether you’re buying for a friend, family member or treating yourself, this jar set will come professionally packaged and gift box ready. Identify Your Herbs with Our Stylish Labels Each jar comes with a set of stylish labels you can add or remove at any time. We’ve made it easy to quickly label your jars for a future reminder of what’s inside. Never Spill Your Herbs or Make a Mess We get it, not everyone can flawlessly pour their spices, coffee, tea or medical herbs without making a complete mess. Every Herb Guard jar comes with a compact, sturdy scoop so you can easily remove the contents of the jar without a major cleanup.


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