Green Quality Goods 3 Compartment Premium Meal Prep Containers 10-Pack BPA Free

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High-quality food containers built to last so that you can reach your health and fitness milestones.At Green Quality Goods, we know that preparation is the key to meeting your fitness goals. With the right tools and mindset we’re here to empower all of our customers to stay happy, fit and healthy. Meal prep is the best way to lose weight, track your diet, control your portions and build muscle. Green Quality Goods meal prep containers are the choice of body builders, anyone on a diet plan that requires meal prep, and those of us with a busy schedule that want to eat a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Designed with the active person in mind. These meal-prep containers make keeping your portion sizes accurate and easy to track.Separated compartments also prevent cross contamination to ensure that your meals stay fresh for the week ahead!Each compartment measure out to the following: 18 ounces 8 ounces 8 ouncesDesigned to be reusable.Designed to be reusable, each container is built with reinforced, durable plastic, safe to be used in the dishwasher and microwave. The double-snap seal and airtight lid prevent food from spoiling whether in the fridge or freezer. With our containers, you can feel confident about where your next meal is coming from!Our products are also shipped securely in a secured exoskeleten box to ensure minimal damage during the shipping process.   Microwaveable Dishwasher safe Hot liquid safe Stackable Freezer safe BPA free Designed to last ECO friendlyReuse, Reduce, Recycle!Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!While this mantra may be an old one, here at Green Quality Goods we believe that the earth around us deserves a significant amount of respect and care; much like the people in it.Our containers are perfect for the eco conscious as they are reusable, thus reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the trash. In addition, they are BPA free for your safety and can be recycled at your local recycling plant.So while you may be enjoying your containers now, Mother Earth will thank you later!Incredible value and convenience.Each Green Quality Goods meal container is built with high-grade plastic to enhance its durability and flexibility.Wash them, fill them, stack them in the freezer and repeat. They’re the perfect complement to your new healthy lifestyle. Prepare your meals in advance and rest assured that our compartments will keep your food fresh with the snap-tight seal. Each compartment has it’s own seal to ensure freshness. Save money and time while you’re at home or on the go. Our lids and conatiners are designed to stack perfectly one into the next, making it easy and convenient to store and stack whether in the fridge, freezer, cabinet or on the counter top while prepping the meals.


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