FuhlSpeed KPB-27 Popcorn Ball Microwavable Popcorn Maker/Mixer

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Product Description

Are you interested in perfectly seasoned popcorn every time how about eliminating the process of making popcorn in a bag that becomes super hot and then pouring it into a bowl with this microwavable popcorn Ball, you can place your popcorn kernels directly inside and microwave until they are all popped. After you take it out of the microwave, all you have to do is open the lid and pour in whatever toppings you’d like. Then, close the lid and spin the Ball using the two finger divots on the sides of the Ball. Open up the top of the Ball and enjoy perfectly distributed ingredients. While you’re not eating the popcorn, have fun rolling the Ball around and knowing that your butter, seasoning, or other favorite toppings are constantly covering every kernel. If popcorn isn’t your thing, toss some trail mix or salad in the Ball and use it the same way to mix all your ingredients. The bottom of the Ball even has a turbulator to ensure the toppings go all the way through the mix rather than staying on the sides. Now, get creative and mix up some great snacks either for yourself or for the family


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