Fosslang Bowl Covers and Food Stretch Lids Reusable for Environmental

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How to use? Please Note that silicone plastic wrap have two sides Put the smooth side down to cover the container Bump side upward to makes it easier for you to stretch the silicone plastic wrap Keep dried both container edge and food covers before use Plastic wrap choose the corresponding size. Recommended to use smaller Plastic wrap size to cover a larger size container. Such as 7-inch container use a 6-inch plastic wrap to cover Please note: When stretching, please put your hands on the edge of the plastic wrap, not in the center of the tension stretch to avoid tearing If the container is filled with food, it is not recommended to squeeze the excess air Sharp nails in the use process will make has tensile strength of silicone plastic lids preservation is torn or damaged Step1. Pick up the plastic wrap, stretching to both sides Step2. Firstly cover one side and stretch to the other side of the container, and then close contact with other side Step3. Squeezing the excess air in the center of the plastic wrap, make silicone wrap better to cover the edge and squeeze out the bubble of edge How to Maintain? Every time after use please use warm soapy water to clean it or put into the dishwasher after washing to dry and placed in a dry place for recycling use Please keep the plastic silicone wrap away from the fire and the pointed hard object There are a little difference in the use of different materials of the container but do not affect the final results Package include: 2*16x16CM suit for 6~9 inch 2*20x20CM suit for 8~11 inch Microwave: can be used at below 230? Fridge: can be used at above -40?


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