FoodSaver Liquid Block Heat-Seal Quart Bags, 12 Count

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Style Name:12 Count 12-count pack of FoodSaver liquid-block bags help keep food fresh and delicious. view larger Liquid-block strip keeps moisture in and ensures a strong, clean seal. view larger BPA-free multi-layer material with special air-removal channels for a complete air-tight seal. view larger Ideal for marinated food, raw meat, and juicy leftovers. view larger Works with FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing systems. Pre-cut bags come in a convenient quart size. view larger FoodSaver Liquid Block Bags Vacuum Seal Juicy and Moist Foods FoodSaver liquid-block bags feature an innovative liquid-blocking strip that traps moisture in, providing a strong, clean seal every time, for ultimate freshness. FoodSaver liquid-block bags are the ideal way to vacuum seal wet to moist foods–no mess, no leaks. The pre-cut bags come in a convenient quart size for sealing everything from savory steaks to marinated chicken and freshly caught fish. Creates an Air-Tight Seal To use, simply add food to the bag, insert the open end in a FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing system (sold separately). The FoodSaver bags feature a unique multi-layer BPA-free material with specially designed channels that allow for the complete removal of air. By removing all of the air inside the bag and creating an air-tight barrier around food, the durable bag material effectively prevents stored items from getting freezer burned. Keeps Food Fresh up to 5x Longer — Save up to $2700 a Year As always, the FoodSaver system keeps your food fresh up to five times longer compared to other storage methods and helps you save up to $2700 a year by buying food in bulk, purchasing on-sale food items, and not having to worry about freezer burn or wasted food. About FoodSaver FoodSaver provides a range of vacuum sealing systems and an array of useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers, as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags. An effective and convenient food-storage solution, FoodSaver not only helps people save time, money, and food, but it also helps keep kitchens running smoothly and efficiently. FoodSaver Bags and Rolls Comparison Heat-Seal Bags & Rolls Portion Pouch Liquid Block Expandable Available size(s) 8′ and 11′ Rolls; Pint-, Quart- and Gallon-Size Bags 11′ Roll Quart-Size Bags 11′ Roll Keeps food fresh up to 5x longer* ? ? ? ? Prevents freezer burn ? ? ? ? Perforated center seam for customized food prep and storage ? Time-saving solution; seal 2 bags at once ? Ideal for creating individualized portions ? Liquid block strip traps moisture ? Great for moist foods ? Ideal for fresh meats and fish ? Side pleats for easy storage of large items ? Time-saving solution: no need to cut up large pieces of meat or food ? Ideal for larger roasts, whole turkeys, casseroles, pies, and more ? * than ordinary storage methods.


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