Fisher-Price Plastic Storage Bags 11 x 9.5 inches Large (Box of 15 pcs)

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Size:Large Product info 1. Product name : Fisher-Price Antibacterial Baby Zipper Bags (Small) (Ideal for baby products in small size) 2. Material : Polyethylene(LDPE) 3. Size : 11.6×3.15×2.36 inches (295*80*60mm) 4. Weight : 7.65oz (217g) 5. Q’ty :15 sheets 6. Manufacturer :MJC 7. Orign : Repulic of Korea Read the following instructions for use. 1. Make sure the bags are placed beyond reach of babies and toddlers. 2. Do not soak in a liquid product due to the leakage possibility. 3. Be sure not to place them in an environment of over 104°F(40?) that it may lead to possibilities of bags’ deformation or contamination (Fahrenheit temperature converted). 4.Be sure not to use in a microwave. 5.Do not use for any other purpose.


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