Displays2go ACD17618 Tabletop Scoop Bins, 1 gallon, Clear

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Product Description

This plastic candy container is a useful addition to candy store, ice cream shops, bakeries, and other eatery displays because of the Clear coloring. The transparent exterior allows customers to see the contents of the bin from a distance. This plastic candy container is designed specifically for countertop use. The 6-1/8W x 6-3/8H x 9-1/2d dimension does not take up too much space at a check out area or shelf. This plastic candy container is capable of holding one gallon of dry goods. Customers and employees can access the contents by using the door at the front of the unit. This plastic candy container features this dispenser has a hinge for fast opening and closing. The acrylic material used to construct the food bin is a very durable substrate. The hard plastic of the plastic candy container decreases the likelihood of breaking and keeps the contents fresh. The design of the counter food bin is such that stacking two or more display on top of each other is possible. This plastic candy container cuts down on the amount of counter space necessary to advertise dry Foods when used in Tandem with identical models. The rubber feet at the bottom of the display prevent counter scratching. This plastic candy container will not slip off the counter during normal use thanks to these rubber feet.


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