Cooking Upgrades Cake Batter Dispenser and Mixing System

Product Description

Product Details Our mixing dispenser features a hard BPA free plastic cylinder that is 4.5” wide with a capacity of 1L. The unit stands just 11” high with the mixer handle attached. Internal Mixing System Our internal mixing system is designed to keep your batter nicely blended and prevent the clumping or clogging that can plague other batter dispensers. The metal whisk keeps your batter ready to pour, eliminating the need to remove the lid and stir with a spoon or spatula. Handle/Dispenser System The easy grip handle makes carefully dispensing and calibrating your pours as simple as can be. The dispenser has a ? inch valve which allows you to easily calibrate and control your pouring. Batter Made Better When pancake batter is made easier it’s made better! With the Cooking Upgrades Batter Dispenser and Mixing System Hybrid, your batter mixes are easy to dispense without the mess and hassle of mixing up your batter in a bowl. Internal Whisk Mixer All your mixing and pouring needs in one revolutionary kitchen device! Long gone are the days of mixing your baked goods in a bowl and ladling batter or sauce out over the counter or stove. Clean up your act and upgrade your baking today! Finally a versatile dispenser that really suits all your baking needs Pancake or waffle batter? Light crepes? Banana nut muffins? Pudding cups? Your imagination is the only limitation with the Cooking Upgrades Batter Dispenser and Mixing System Hybrid. The wide mouth pouring system and hand operated whisk mixer gives you the control you need to manage most any batter, sauce, or any other pourable delight you can mix up in the kitchen. Why wait? Add a dispenser to your cart today!


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