Cookbook People Classic Filigree Wood Bread Bin

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The Best Bread Box in America as of February 2017 We had a very nice breadbox that sold for 59 dollars. Our team got together and decided that wasn’t nearly good enough. We put everything we had into re-designing it to make it the very best breadbox available anywhere, and we wanted to cut the price by 1/3. We plan on offering this for 50 dollars soon, but for now it’s at an even lower introductory price discount. 100% Guaranteed We’re proud of our results, and if you don’t feel it meets the high standards we set, we’ll issue a 100% refund on return. Rock-Solid Construction Most wood bread boxes are held together with glue and half-inch nails that look nice when you open it (assuming it doesn’t rattle apart in shipping) but get more wobbly over time. We designed our box to feature wood screw construction (covered over to make it look prettier and seal in screws). It cost us more, but it ensures this box will be stable the day you get it, tomorrow and 5 years from now. In one test a 120lb woman stood on it and it did not break or buckle, and showed no evidence of wobbling afterward. Please don’t perform this test yourself on your box, as we can’t promise all boxes will withstand so much pressure. But we do guarantee it to 30lbs. Dimensions 15-3/4-inch by 10-3/4-inch by 6-3/4-inch.


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