Coffee Storage Container – Stainless Steel Airtight Canister with Scoop (16 oz)

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Treat your coffee the best way possible! Preserve its pure natural taste with Coffmax airtight coffee vault that won’t let oxygen, light, and moisture destroy the precious coffee flavor.No more dull and flavorless coffee.No more coffee bags that tear, making your precious coffee spill all over the place.Now you can preserve the captivating taste of your coffee for as long as possible with our smart stainless steel airtight coffee storage container.It comes with a unique airtight silicone seal ring which prevents oxygen, light, and moisture from penetrating into your stored coffee. Coffmax coffee holder comes with a scoop spoon (15ml) to help you easily get your desired quantity of coffee.Features: ? Silicone seal ring offers a tight hermetic seal? Holds up to 0.8lb/12.5oz of ground coffee or 1lb/16oz of coffee beans? Premium quality? Customer-friendly service? Convenient grip? Stylish design? Easy to open and close? FREE coffee spoon (15ml) inside the container? BPA freeCoffmax hermetic coffee storage canister features a sleek design that will add beauty to your table and kitchen.Made from high-grade FDA approved premium stainless steel, Coffmax coffee canister with scoop is durable and will last for a very long time.This 1lb air tight jar is multifunctional as you can use it to store and preserve other fresh ingredients, such as shake powder, baby formula, tea etc.If you really want to get the best, freshest coffee flavor always, then Coffmax Airtight Coffee Vault is a MUST!


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