CapSlide Nespresso Pod Holder

Product Description

Your kitchen was already a mess before coffee pods came out, and now the sight of it is almost unbearable. You clean up after yourself, of course, but these little pods just don’t fit anywhere. It isn’t a matter of cleanliness: it’s a matter of organization. Your cabinets are full, and you don’t want these pods sitting out in the open. Many people prefer to leave the pods inside their case, but this makes them very difficult to access. Fortunately, there is now a solution It’s called CapSlide and it’s made for keeping these pods organized and accessible. Available in sizes that fit either Keurig or Nespresso pods, CapSlide is stylish too, available in white, black, clear, red, and yellow. What is Capslide Manufactured from plexiglass to a high standard in Germany, CapSlide is easy to install on walls, inside cupboards, or underneath cabinets, with no drills or screws necessary. Already this product has gained high praise on Amazon.de, and we now want to bring it to consumers all around the world. People need order in their lives, and order is what we want to give to them. Our product is durable, functional, and even fashionable. CapSlide is going to change the lives of pod users everywhere.


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