Canniloq Ultimate Airtight Locking Stash Container 120 CC Silver

Product Description

The Ultimate Stash Container. This will be the last stash container you will ever need to buy! A high-end, quality design, that defies the traditional glass jar, and is built to last a lifetime. Exceptional Quality-Canniloq’s over-engineered stash containers are precision-machined from aircraft aluminum, with fluted surfaces for a sure grip and a bead blasted texture to repel fingerprints. A MIL-spec anodized coating provides a scratch-resistant finish which is chemically inert, and is available in 3 brilliant colors. The discreet logo and cap graphics are marked by laser etching. These premium grade canisters hold a large volume of dried herb, have a wide mouth for convenience, and thick walls for durability. They are available in small and large sizes that hold 0.2 and 0.3 ounces of dried herb respectively. Unlike glass jars or plain metal cans, Canniloq blends innovation, function and style in a CNC-machined aluminum canister that is absolutely air-tight, water-tight, light-tight and has a push-lock cap. The unique cap mechanism contains Delrin bearings to prevent the rough aluminum-on-aluminum feel and binding found with other threaded alum. designs. The bayonet-style locking cap is similar in design to a precision camera lens mount, and results in a silky smooth push-turn closure. These durable stash containers are virtually indestructible, perfect for tossing in your gear bag, backpack or center console. Herb Security-Canniloq stash containers were designed with a patent-pending push-lock cap that gives you peace of mind by discouraging curious little hands from exploring the contents. Also, the locked cap will never work its way loose, and accidentally release herb or odors when you’re least expecting it. To release the cap, just a quick downward push and twist are needed. Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked!


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