BIB Tap Valve for Bag-in-Box Syrups

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Product Description

This is for people who want to use real 5 to 1 syrup but don’t have a soda dispenser that uses bag-in-box syrup. Works great with Sodastream machines. Reusable tap just pushes into bag nipple and locks on. Lift handle to pour. ** For use with Sodastream Soda Dispensers, most syrup is 5 to 1 concentrate, so if you put 25 ounces of water in your bottle and carbonate it, you will add 5 ounces of syrup. You can add more or less to your taste. **Pepsi NOTE** This tap valve does work with most Pepsi brand bag-in-boxes. However, Pepsi uses a couple different bags, which means this tap valve doesn’t necessarily work with all Pepsi brand bag-in-boxes. **Dr. Pepper NOTE** This tap valve does work with most Dr. Pepper brand bag-in-boxes, however, some Dr. Pepper BIB syrups are bagged by Coca-Cola, which means this tap valve WON’T work with those particular Dr. Pepper bag-in-boxes. A Coke nipple will look like a fitting needs to thread on. Otherwise this tap valve should work for you.


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