Arctic Zone Interlockers 6-Piece Sandwich Set, Blue/Green

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The lunch menu just got a whole lot more exciting with Fresh Connection BPA free, connectable food containers and ice packs! Fresh Connection’s versatile, connectable system means you can configure containers and ice packs to suit your needs or fit inside your lunch pack. Generous in size, each container is clearly marked with the corresponding cups or tablespoons so you can portion your food as you like. Designed to keep food colder longer, high performance ice packs snap onto the lid or base of the sandwich container or fit inside, allowing you to direct the cold exactly where you want it to go. The base of the snack container is designed to connect to the ice pack. The snack container can be placed inside the sandwich container or attached to its lid. The 6 Piece Set features a sandwich container (3.42 cups) with lid, a snack container with lid (0.82 cups) and 2 connectable high performance ice packs. Containers and lids are microwave and top rack dishwasher safe. All components are BPA and phthalate free and FDA approved for food contact. Set Includes: Sandwich Container with lid: 3.42 cups/27.4 fl. oz./810 ml Snack Container with lid: 0.82 cups/6.60 fl. oz. /195mL 2 High Performance Ice Packs Microwave & top rack dishwasher safe (not including ice packs)BPA and phthalate free and FDA approved for food contacts compared to standard Arctic Zone ice pack of equal weight.


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