Airtight Clear Acrylic Canister Set, Food Container 6 Piece

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Product Description

Looking for an airtight container that will keep your sugar, flour, cereal, rice, cookies and food fresh? Finally we have our patent pending design that will do exactly what you’re looking for! This 6 piece acrylic canister set is our latest edition in a series of high quality Vanika® kitchen products. New Patent Pending Design This new design has a unique lid which is engineered to easily open when needed and stay sealed shut while sitting on the shelf. No more soggy cereal or stale crackers! Stop worrying about the ants eating your Frosted Flakes! The long lasting silicone seal keeps bugs and moisture out and lock in the freshness. Incredibly Break Resistant Glass breaks; metal dents and rusts which is why these break resistant acrylic canisters are the perfect edition to your kitchen. We’ve all experienced the container falling off the pantry shelf especially if you have children. Now you can stop worrying about broken glass because acrylic will not break. Crystal Clear Acrylic Our acrylic design is crystal clear so you can see what’s inside. Unlike metal canisters, with a single glance, you can tell when your pasta is running low or when you need more cat food. It’s also BPA free and food safe to keep your family and pets safe. 6 Canisters Total – More than all the other Amazon sellers 1 each (9.5 cups, 12.5 inches tall) – Great for Long Spaghetti Noodles 1 each (7 cups, 9.5 inches tall) – Perfect for sugar and rice 1 each (4.5 cups, 6.25 inches tall) – Keep your pecans and nuts fresh 3 each (2 cups, 3.5 inches tall) – Freshly ground coffee, tea or candies


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