Adorn 5-piece Push-Button Airtight Spill-Proof Containers, (Rectangular)

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Product Description

Tired of your pantry being a jumble of food packages making it difficult to find anything? Bring an end to all that clutter with these superior containers which have just the features you need, giving your pantry a whole new level of cleanliness and organization that you are sure to enjoy. These containers are also great for use anywhere around your home such as garage for nots and bolts or arts and crafts room. DESIGN : The containers are clear, eliminating the need for labelling and giving you the ability to find things quickly, or instantly see what needs restocking. The square or rectangular shape helps maximize space and those corners provide for neat pouring. STACKABLE: Great for space-saving. AIR-TIGHT: Keeps your food perfectly fresh by the push of a button. The lid comes apart for thorough cleaning. SCOOPS: Two scoops are included which attach to the covers so they don’t get buried in the contents. These are great for finer foods such as sugars or powders. HANGABLE COVERS: The orange hook under each cover allows you to hang it on the side of the container while you are emptying contents. This is convenient for when you don’t have that clean spot to place it down on.


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