9 Ounce Jar Replacement Lids for Hydromate

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Size:9 Ounce Jar Lid Each 9oz lid order includes two(2) 9oz lids, gaskets and Boveda humidification packs. The HydroMate Jar replacement lids are made to replace Hydromate Jars. They have a custom airtight FDA compliant gasket seal and 2-way humidification packet designed to maintain, cure, and age your premium herbs so that the quality is preserved. The Hydromate lid needs replacement when the inside of the lid becomes hard. The lids will last for a longer or shorter time period based on the following factors: • How often is the lid kept off the jar • How dry are the herbs that are placed in the jar • How high the ambient temperatures are that surrounds the jar Under the proper conditions the lid can last about 5 weeks and up to 3 months ***Please be advised that if the lid is left off the jar, the 2-way humidification may expire with-in as little as 48 hrs. *** Lids are customized to fit on Hydromate Jars only. Hydromate Products PATENT PENDING with (USPTO) The United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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