6 Rolls Super Saver Pack 3 Rolls 11′ x 50′ & 3 Rolls 8′ x 50′ Commercial Food Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls BPA Free & Sous Vide Safe Avid Armor

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Although our name is new, we are passionate about our brand, Avid Armor, and have been active in the outdoor, processing, and packaging industry for decades. It’s our way of life! We are inspired by our small town, midwest roots; having grown up close to farm fresh, rich, ripe foods the earth provides. This, coupled with a desire for clean living, we are strong believers in whole foods we can provide to our families to keep us healthy and happy.Avid Armor Bag Rolls:Our universal rolls come two common widths – 8 inch and 11 inch – to easily fit the seal bar of all major brand vac sealers. The generous 50 foot long roll makes customizing your own bag sizes effortless.Easy steps to use vacuum seal rolls: Cut to length Make a bottom seal Insert food into bag Vacuum sealAvid Armor food vacuum seal bags and rolls are perfect for: Harvesting Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs Processing Fish & Wild Game Cooking Sous Vide Marinating Buying in Bulk Storing Leftovers Meal Prepping Long Term Freezer StorageBag & Roll Specifications: Universal designed embossed panel for maximum air removal on all major brand vacuum sealers Easy-to-use and economical for sealing items of different sizes and lengths Constructed of a multi-layer poly nylon to block moisture and oxygen 3 mil thick non-embossed front panel for optimum clarity 4 mil thick embossed  back panel with diamond air channel design for maximum oxygen removal Long term freezer safe Free of BPA and other plasticizers ?FDA approved food safe materialFreezer SafeDreaded freezer burn and dehydration happens when water molecules escape from your frozen food and when oxygen molecules seep in. The oxygen molecules can dull the color and modify the flavor of your frozen product.When a vacuum sealer is used, the air (oxygen) will be removed from the inside of the bag and form an air-tight seal around your product once a positive seal is achieved. Avid Armor bags will keep your food’s moisture inside the bag and prevent oxygen from seeping back into your food.Properly vacuum sealing your food can extend the storage life up to 5 times longer than when stored in a traditional zipper storage bag.Cook SafeOne of the great advantages of vacuum sealing your food for storage is that you can take it directly from the refrigerator or freezer to cooking directly in the bag.Simmer: Safe to cook at low temperatures (below 180 degrees F) for up to 4 hoursBoil: Safe to cook at high temperatures (above 180 degrees F) for up to 20 minutesMicrowave: Safe to cook when bag is punctured up to 10 minutesUniversalAvid Armor vacuum bags and rolls are designed and tested to be compatible with all major brand vacuum sealers. Avid Armor’s universal design is an excellent bag and roll alternative for all major brand suction type and chamber vacuum sealers including:• Avid Armor• Food Saver• Weston• Cabela’s• LEM• Vacmaster• Seal-a-Meal• Ziploc• and more…


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